Would a Coworking Space like Incutate be a good idea for your startup?

Congratulations on your new business! But where are you going to work? Your house? Your basement? The coffee shop?

Many new businesses choose to run their business out of their home. In face, about half of the startups in the United States do. But your home office sometimes isn’t the best environment for more employees or meet with clients. Home offices are also filled with distractions.

Home offices are also missing one important factor; HUMAN CONTACT! Other human contact in a business setting is great for networking with other startups and businesses, but for your sanity as well. A home office again, is filled with many home distractions and can be TOO quiet.

Office space for new startups can be too expensive. And a busy coffee shop can be too loud and have limited space.

A better idea is a coworking space, like our’s in Mantua, Gloucester County, NJ. A coworking space brings together many startups, remote workers, freelancers, small business owners and staff in a shared working environment.

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How much are you paying for high speed internet?

One of the biggest tools in the business world (and social world for that matter) is the internet.

That’s where it all begins. That’s where you find clients and customers. That’s where you market yourself. That’s where you network with other professionals. Without it, your business would struggle in this day and age. Sure, you could possibly go without if your word of mouth referrals were lit. But why would you?

The cost of high speed internet for businesses varies, but typically, it’s not cheap. Especially if you have multiple devices, high data usage, website hosting, many transactions, etc. You need something fast and efficient, nowhere near the service you get at home to watch Netflix.

Comcast’s best business package is almost $400! That’s a HUGE expense.

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What will coworking spaces look like in the future?

“Several huge companies made headlines in 2017 with plans to relocate or expand into what many refer to as “flyover country,” the Midwest. And it’s not just Chicago, either. Cities like Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus and Detroit are seeing expansion from national names in coworking like WeWork, Serendipity Labs and Industrious, with some planting multiple locations within one city. The growth is certainly justified. Millennials, who will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2030, crave these open, flexible work formats. As millennials and their Gen Z successors begin setting off on their own entrepreneurial pursuits, the expectation is that the demand for coworking will only increase, forever changing the commercial office landscape.”
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Why Big Corporations Are Moving Into Coworking Spaces?

Large corporations are partnering with coworking spaces to support innovation and idea exchanges. Tech giants such as Verizon, IBM and Microsoft are now testing coworking spaces to be near innovative startups. If you are an up-and-coming startup or small business looking to get noticed, there is no better place to make those connections happen…
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