Our objective is to offer a highly regarded team of entrepreneurs and professionals to start-ups and emerging growth member companies to help commercialize their products and grow their businesses. Saddled with high start-up costs and little to no revenues, many of these companies often cannot afford to invest in the many fundamental operations that go into a thriving business. This could mean delayed growth and poor decisions that could severely hold your company back.

By affiliating with Incutate, member companies will be better able to share knowledge, recognize important issues and quickly address and solve problems as these companies enter the various stages of growth.  Our member companies will benefit not only through the advice from, and discussions with, panel members, but also by interacting and communicating with other Incutate member companies.

Members will feel a sense of pride from the success of other member companies, participating universities/organizations and from Incutate in general.

With today’s frequently changing economy and legal landscape, it is also imperative for business owners to understand when these changes take place and how they affect their companies. A delay in finding and applying critical information can be detrimental to a company, especially in the high tech areas where rapidly developing innovation and new technology creates the need for frequently changing infrastructure and laws that are necessary to keep pace. By being a part of a community such as Incutate, member companies will be in a better position to receive and understand new critical information that will not only be important in their particular vertical but also as a general business owner.

“This environment has given us a unique perspective on how other
businesses both serve their clients as well as manage and grow their
businesses providing us an ongoing, fresh perspective as we ourselves
continue to adapt and evolve…the Incutate environment is ideally suited
for that sole proprietor or micro business who wishes to both give and
receive ideas and best practices to help their business as well as their
fellow tenants. It’s been a fabulous experience.”

– Anthony Panto, Panto Wealth Strategies

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