Here’s How You Can Network With Other Professionals in a Coworking Space


Congratulations on your new business! But where are you going to work? Your house? Your basement? The coffee shop?

If you’re not reaching out and networking with other businesses in the coworking space you are apart of…YOU’RE MISSING OUT BIG TIME! Networking with others within your coworking space is one of the top perks of being in one. Different industries, new and old take advantage of coworking facilities. And they can help grow your business; refer you different strategies and business help and spread the word of what you do, especially if you’re a startup that no one knows exists!

Strike up conversations while standing at the copier and coffee maker. Even if it is just small talk and nothing related to your business, ask how they like being a member of the coworking space and if they have any tips.

After initially meeting other members, you may find that they offer something you may need. Offer trading services or share knowledge of business tactics and lead generation. Do they have preferred vendors? Ask, you may get a deal!

Thinking about join Incutate? Take a look at some of our current members.

So get out there and start mingling!

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