How much are you paying for high speed internet?


One of the biggest tools in the business world (and social world for that matter) is the internet.

That’s where it all begins. That’s where you find clients and customers. That’s where you market yourself. That’s where you network with other professionals. Without it, your business would struggle in this day and age. Sure, you could possibly go without if your word of mouth referrals were lit. But why would you?

The cost of high speed internet for businesses varies, but typically, it’s not cheap. Especially if you have multiple devices, high data usage, website hosting, many transactions, etc. You need something fast and efficient, nowhere near the service you get at home to watch Netflix.

Comcast’s best business package is almost $400! That’s a HUGE expense.

Verizon Fio’s business packages are slightly cheaper. But still an expense that’s deemed to go up every year.

If paying for high speed internet service is something that’s a drag for your business or something that is preventing you from setting up your startup, think about our coworking space, Incutate, here in Gloucester County, NJ.

We provide high speed, encrypted and secure, internet service for all of our tenants FOR FREE. That’s right, it’s included in everyone of our membership plans.

Want to learn more? Contact us for a tour!

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