Lauletta Birnbaum to Expand Incutate Co-Working Facility that enables Start-Ups and Small Businesses


Office Location of Incutate

Incutate, LLC is expanding in Southern New Jersey, serves the needs of start-up and emerging growth companies by providing an incubator-type work environment.


/ — Lauletta Birnbaum, LLC (Sewell, NJ) formed Incutate, LLC in 2011 as a consulting firm to serve the needs of start-up and emerging growth companies in Southern

New Jersey. A few years later, the concept evolved into a fully equipped 10,000 square foot co-working facility adjacent to the law firm’s headquarters located at 591 Mantua Boulevard in

Sewell, New Jersey. Since the facility is near capacity, the Firm is in the process of expanding Incutate into additional space in the building and plans to add an additional 10,000 to 15,000 square feet.

As a law firm serving the needs of many companies throughout the country in various industries and in various stages of business, Lauletta Birnbaum, LLC came to realize that entrepreneurs in the Southern New Jersey area, especially south of Camden County, are not afforded access to the same professional office resources and professional advice that is more readily available to companies in nearby regions such as Philadelphia, New York and Northern New Jersey markets. Frank Lauletta, a founding member of the Firm, stated that “being based in Gloucester County, New Jersey, we felt it was important to form Incutate to help advance our region’s growth and to increase its drive for entrepreneurship and innovation. The name was derived from the words ‘incubate’ and ‘technology,’ and the goal is to provide a collaborative environment.”

Incutate member companies benefit not only from having access to professionals that visit the facility, but also by interacting and communicating with other Incutate member companies. Companies in coworking facilities such as Incutate have the opportunity to share knowledge, recognize important issues, and quickly address and solve problems as they pass through various stages of growth. Many of the issues growing companies face are the same or similar to those experienced by their peers.

Street View of Incutate

“Many startup companies cannot afford the basic organizational structure, such as a properly equipped office, protection of any intellectual property, legal advice, and financial and accounting advice,” explains Frank Lauletta. “The incubator type approach we have developed keeps start-up costs low, while providing a broad range of necessary infrastructure. The model also works for established companies looking to expand into a new area. For instance, Molix, a well know sport fishing tackle manufacture based in Italy, started its U.S. operations in our facility.”

Molix Team, Lauletta Attorneys at Incutate (Frank Lauletta, 2nd from right)

The Incutate co-working facility is managed by Vert Properties, Inc., which also maintains its corporate headquarters in the Incutate facility. For more information about Incutate call

(856) 347-8125 to schedule a tour.

More information about Frank Lauletta, founding partner, is at

Caitlin Mattera

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