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A lot of marketers have a goal of getting as many Facebook likes as humanly possible as they lead to better SEO and a more viral audience that does not hesitate when it comes to jumping into the mix and sharing their opinions along with your posts. Having an active fan base is crucial to promoting your page, product or a service to a larger visitor base. That said, the tricky part is getting those Facebook likes to flow in as today there are a lot of competitors that just can’t wait to see you fail.

1. Post relevant content – yes it’s very easy to get off topic when it comes to these things but keeping on topic and to the point is the key to getting more Facebook likes in a short amount of time, and if you manage to share something that is not already common knowledge your targeted audience will surly know how to appreciate it

2.Add call to action – sometimes we just need to remind our visors and fans to actually participate and add Facebook likes, Facebook shares and Tweet our post, there is nothing wrong with adding a certain call to action at the end of your post

3.Interlink your social accounts – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram work very well together and you can get a lot more shares if you use all of these channels, it won’t be time consuming as you are sharing a same post but it will surely do the trick

4.Offer value – you can run a promotional give away or send out samples of your products to a lucky few but these things usually end up getting a lot of Facebook likes overnight not to mention a lot shares, just make sure you are not overdoing it by accident.

Ask a question! It’s common practice that we always think we have to be the ones telling the story to our visitors in order to get more Facebook likes, however, if you turn the mic over to them, they will be more they willing to participate as they will be emotionally invested in the topic. The key here is to ask the correct question. You can also start a debate as that will work well also.

Post a photo! They get 54% more Facebook likes than just standard textual messages and updates as the visitors have to spend less time in order to get engaged right away. You can also post short videos as those do the trick as well.

Post 1 to 2 times per day! This is proven to get about 40% more Facebook likes and engagement than posting 3 times a day or just once every few days. A lot of big brands use this strategy successfully as this is what will spark the best reaction.

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