Tips For Growing Your Freelancing Business


Are you a freelancer? You may be writer, web designer, marketing professional or new to the startup world! Regular clients are always good, but you have room to grow. So how can you kickstart your freelance business into overdrive and gain more clientele?

1. Define Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Review your current processes. What’s working and what’s failing? Have you reached your goals lately? If so, how did you do that? Are you budgets on track? Do you need to cut spending anywhere? Is anything holding you back? If so, cut your losses! Look for ways to make sure your failures don’t reoccur. Consult a business analyst for extra help too! They have the skills to identify any additional areas need for urgent change.

2. Review Your Pricing & Rates

Are you charging appropriately for the value you are giving to your clients? Research what competitors are charging their customers. Maybe you have clients that don’t appreciate your value and challenge your rates constantly. Maybe it’s time to find a customer who values your work and is willing to pay for it. Make sure you are always earning what you are worth for every job! Don’t cut yourself short.

3. Increase & Improve Skills

Are there any opportunities to get better at what you’re doing? OR could spend time to gain additional skills to improve your business model? Has a client asked for something you cannot provide but would love to? Maybe it’s time to offer something additional to your clients that can make you stand out from the rest and increase your reputation throughout your industry.

4. Expand Your Marketing

Do you only market yourself when you’re slow? You should constantly market and advertise your services, even when you are busy. Take advantage of social media advertising, both free and paid. Explore different platforms on the internet and spend a substantial amount of time seeing what works and what doesn’t in the advertising world.

5. Networking!

Build relationships with other freelancers and business professionals definitely will pay off. By word of mouth referrals, you could build a huge empire alone! Don’t be shy, you never know who could need your services. Drop a business card off, send an email, strike up a conversation in your current coworking space.


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